“Ish Wor Elishorthair Home really exceeded our expectations with the kitten they sold us! Their customer service was top notch and the kitten was absolutely beautiful. We are so excited with our purchase! Thank you Ish Wor Elishorthair Home!”

Raul Harbaugh, San Antonio, TX

“Ish Wor Elishorthair Home kittens are the best! They are incredibly friendly and loving, and the quality of care they receive is second to none. I’ve had one of their kittens for a year now and couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend them!” 

Kimberly Morton, Sandy Ridge, NC

“My family has been so happy with our bsh kitten from Ish Wor Elishorthair Home kittens. They are so friendly and cuddly and just so much fun. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with our furry friends!” – Sarah White

Sarah White – Norfolk, VA

“We got a British shorthair kitten from Ish Wor Elishorthair Home and we couldn’t be happier! The kitten was well-socialized, and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. We were so impressed with their level of expertise and care, and it’s been a pleasure having our adorable new addition in the family. Thank you, Ish Wor Elishorthair Home!”

Christian T. Lawrence, Davenport, NY

“Ish Wor Elishorthair Home provided us with a wonderful fur baby! Our new addition arrived in perfect health and was already full of love and personality. We were amazed at how unique its personality is, and how quickly it has become a part of our family. We couldn’t be happier with our new fur baby from Ish Wor Elishorthair Home!” -The Smith Family

Gloria Arnone, Columbus, IN

I am splendidly happy with my smoke boy, Xavier. He arrived very healthy, very loving, has a very unique personality. Physically he is everything I wanted, purrfection! Colors are vibrant. Eyes are goldenly clear, bright, and curious. Ears true to British short hair kittens straight with tufts of hair on the tips, paws? goodness, are you sure those aren’t snow shoes? Lol Yes he needs to grow into those ears and paws but that’s fine by me. Thank you by the way for the nails being trimmed when I got him. Big thanks to you Ish Wor Elishorthair Home kittens!

Dallas Chantay – San Francisco, CA

What to say about Gucci? We love her!!! We got her on Tuesday and she has been spoiled since her arrival in Texas! She is simply magnificent, from her looks to her disposition, everything regarding her is exactly as Ish Wor Elishorthair Home kittens told us she would be. We had a wonderful experience with them! Thank you again!!!!!

Pond Opal – Quinlan, TX


It’s been a year since we got a British short hair kittens from Ish Wor Elishorthair Home, really what can I say… They’re great people who really care about, and love every cat that goes through their house. I love that they are always available for any questions I may have. I believe their cats are way above much of the competition at even a lower price point. Keep up the great work guys!

Smith Marylin – Asheville, NC

It has been 4 months since we welcomed Chad and Zangesa from Ish Wor Elishorthair Home kittens into our cattery. They are amazing and have grown to be wonderful. No problems what so ever. And the process was simple and Ish Wor Elishorthair Home was very helpful. Thank you!

Curry Richard – Honolulu, HI


“We cannot recommend Ish Wor Elishorthair Home enough! Our new kitten arrived very healthy, very loving, and with a very unique personality. We are so pleased with the care that was taken to ensure the best possible start for our new family member. We are very glad we chose Ish Wor Elishorthair Home to bring our beloved kitten home.” 

John Close, Cleveland, OH

We got our Flint yesterday. He is the sweetest playful kitten. Ish Wor Elishorthair Home was very informative, always kept us updated on what was going on with Flint. She sent us pictures of him every month to show how he is growing until he could be with us. When We picked Flint up from the airport he was ready to get out the cage but he was so warming already. He gets along with our other animals. He is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad He is in our lives!

Ellis Michael – Pine Bluff, AR


I truly recommend British short hair kittens from Ish Wor Elishorthair Home to all presumptive British short hair kittens buyers! They answered all my questions (and there were MANY questions)lol !! and sent photos and/or films every week.

James – Akron, OH


I’m in love with my boy ‘Mario” !! he gives me so much attention… I get face rubs, kisses, facials, head butts, he has even held my face with his paws. When I pick him up sometimes I get human type huggs. All of these attributes can only come from excellent breeding choices and a healthy environment. I am more than Happy with my baby boy. Thank you Ish Wor Elishorthair Home !!

Moore Sherry – Bayside, NY

Excellent breeders who love their cats. All of their babies are raised in their home and the breeders are totally willing to answer all questions and help you as best as possible. I have physically interacted with their cats and they live comfortably and are very happy. Will definitely consider another cat from them in the future!

Pease Myrtle – Eau Gallie, FL


“Ish Wor Elishorthair Home is an outstanding breeder who genuinely cares for their cats. They have a great selection of shorthair cats and their attention to detail is unparalleled. They always make sure their cats are healthy and happy. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality kitten.”

Julia Hannah, Seymour, IN